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Jobs Console matches you with the best developer jobs, because you might occasionally consider something new. No matches? No email.

let prefs: CustomPrefs;

Set the criteria for matches based upon your experience, salary expectations, preferred tech, and other dev-specific options. No recruiter spam - your details are private by default and can't be searched.

No public profiles - everything is private.

SELECT * FROM matches WHERE user_id = $uid ORDER BY relevancy DESC LIMIT 1

No more than 1 email per week, filtered based on your preferences. No matches, no email.

ls -al /var/spool/mail

Job match emails contain key job details like salary range and tech stack. We work with companies directly to create a detailed profile about how they run engineering so you can decide if it sounds interesting.


If you're interested in the job, flag it and we'll send your profile to the hiring manager. They then have 10 days to review your details. If they want to speak to you, we'll connect you via email.

Introductions are double opt-in, so you know everyone is interested.

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You don't need to be actively looking for a new job.

Job match emails include interesting details that might tempt you even if you're not actively looking. Your profile is private so you can just ignore the emails until something stands out.

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Is my profile public? What does private by default mean?

You start by setting your job match preferences like tech stack and salary expectations. These are just to match you with interesting roles - there are no public profiles and hiring managers can't search for you.

If you're interested in a job, we'll send the hiring manager your details. You can preview everything before it's sent and you must opt-in each time.

Will recruiters contact me?

No. We work directly with companies and the hiring manager for the role will only see your profile once you have flagged interest. If they are also interested in speaking with you, we will introduce you by email.

Will I have to fill out an application for each job?

No. If you're interested in a job we send you then it only takes 1 click to flag your interest and have your profile sent to the hiring manager. We parse your work history from the link to your resume you provided on signup (or you can enter it manually) and you can opt to include some extra details to add context to your profile. This all helps the hiring manager to decide if they want to speak with you. We save everything so you can reuse them each time.

If we introduce you to the hiring manager then they will probably have their own interview process. How this works is one of the questions we ask in our engineering profiles so you will always know what it involves before you flag your interest.

How do you make money?

We charge companies a fee when we introduce them to a developer who they hire.