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How Jobs Console works for employers

Get your roles in front of hard to reach developers not currently on the market. Connect directly with pre-qualified candidates.

Create your profile & add jobs

Create your engineering profile that answers the questions developers want to know about your company and how you work, then add your open developer jobs.

Precise matching of developers to jobs

We send developers an email when a job matches their preferences, including tech stack, years of experience, and salary expectations.

Only developers who match your criteria will see your job.

Candidates flag their interest to you

Developers read your engineering profile and if they flag their interest in your job you receive a profile with all the information you need to consider them for the role.

Receive a handful of the top matches, not an avalanche.

One click to connect with candidates

You approve the candidates you'd like to speak to and we'll introduce you via email. They are already briefed about how you work from your engineering profile.

Introductions are double opt-in, so you're only connected with the candidates who have already said they want to speak to you.

Precise matching of developers to your roles

Connect with developers who want to work with you.

Remote In-office

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Console has worked with hundreds of the best devtools companies to understand what developers like.

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Work with us to find the best developers

Reach out to create a profile and start adding your jobs.

It is free to create a company profile and list your jobs.We only charge once you hire a Console sourced candidate.Contact Us


How do you charge?

We work on a non-exclusive contingency basis where we charge a percentage of the first year compensation once you hire a candidate we introduced.

Which roles can you help us with?

Jobs Console is developer-focused so we can help you find the best candidates for front end, back end, full stack, mobile, security, devops and engineering management roles.

Our matching criteria include preferences such as years of experience, salary expectation, and tech stack so we can find the best matches for your job specifications.

We do not categorize, group or classify job applicants, jobs, or employers based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability status and do not make referrals based on these categorizations.

Can you help us hire remote developers? What if we have a hybrid office setup?

Yes, we can help find remote developers, developers who prefer to be in the office, or a mix of both. For remote roles we can filter by timezone and for office roles we can filter by location.

Will our jobs be public?

Your engineering profile will be public but we only share the job listings with developers who match the job criteria you specify. You can update your profile and open jobs at any time.

Is the engineering profile mandatory?

Yes. Jobs Console is not a jobs board and the developers who have signed up want to know about the companies before they flag their interest. This is a great (and free!) opportunity to promote your engineering culture. It also means when a developer flags their interest in one of your roles, you know they actually want to work with you.